Social Justice Warriors force retraction of scientific study because it doesn’t fit the “Left Cult” narrative that claims men and woman are exactly the same

Two university professors are under attack by a leftist, feminist mob for reporting on factual statistics that show a clear academic achievement gap between men and women.

Theodore Hill from the University of Georgia and Sergei Tabachnikov from Penn State are both being accused of “gender bias” for merely documenting in a research paper that men tend to dominate the top and bottom of the intelligence spectrum, particularly in the field of mathematics.

Hill and Tabachnikov co-authored a paper together on this subject that was accepted and briefly published by the journal Mathematical Intelligencer, only to later be withdrawn in order to pacify a horde of angry feminists and their enablers who took issue with the paper’s content.

According to their research, there are more men than women at the top of the intelligence pyramid – but also more men than women at the bottom, suggesting that most women scholars exist somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

It’s just the facts, but apparently these facts are upsetting to the colleagues of both of these men, who demanded that this research be pulled from the Mathematical Intelligencer journal, or else.

“The scandal at our department shows no signs of receding,” wrote Sergei in a September 4 email to Hill, his co-author, explaining how a female colleague reprimanded him for promoting “bias” against females.

After spending “endless hours” trying to explain to his colleagues that facts are facts, they continued to insist that he and Hill’s paper was “bad and harmful.” They further threatened Sergei that if he didn’t withdraw his name from the paper to “restore peace” within the department, that he might lose “whatever political capital [he] may still have.”

“[A]nalogies with scientific racism were made by some,” he added. “I am afraid, we are likely to hear more of it in the future.”

Academic freedom and free speech “conflict” with Penn State’s “values,” school insists

Before insane liberals and fascist feminists took over academia, its focus was on uncovering truths like this. Now, it’s about covering up truths like this that trigger leftists who insist upon believing that men and women are exactly the same in every way.

Anyone who questions this, or even presents mere data to show that this isn’t true, is burned at the proverbial stake, which is exactly what’s happening to Sergei and Hill.

At a recent Penn State faculty meeting about the conflict, it was brought up that the allegations being made against Sergei and Hill are ridiculous in light of academic freedom and free speech. But the school responded by stating that academic freedom and free speech often come into conflict “with other values to which Penn State [is] committed.”

In other words, free speech and academic freedom are both prohibited at Penn State whenever they’re subjectively determined to have violated the school’s other “values,” which in this case appears to include academic endeavors that some liberals and feminists find “offensive.”

Any differentiation in ability between the sexes, or between different races, is apparently now off-limits in academia, which would explain why other deranged academics like Cacey Wells from the University of Oklahoma want to see all academic gauging metrics completely abolished.

Pretty much anything that suggests men are in any way better at something than women is prohibited speech in “higher education.” Meanwhile, it’s apparently a-okay to publish research claiming that women are better drivers than men, that women are stronger than men, and that women are all-around superior to men.

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