Entire family goes transgender in latest example of human insanity violating the laws of science and nature

Arizona is now the official home of America’s first known transgender family, in which every single member has reportedly altered his or her natural biological sex as part of a full frontal assault on the laws of nature.

In typical LGBTQ+ form, the two parents have been busy making the media rounds as they desperately vie for attention and 15 minutes of fame, taking full advantage of every opportunity they get to exploit the two younger gender-bent members of their clan for maximum shock value.

Resembling something from perhaps an episode of Babylon 5, the four misgendered misfits are proud of their respective transitions – with mother turning to father, son turning to daughter, and vice versa for the other two.

“It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time,” stated ‘Daniel’ Harrott, the new ‘father’ of the family who was born as a female. “And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be,” ‘he’ added, explaining how ‘he’ birthed those two children before turning from a she to a he.

‘Mason,’ an 11-year-old biological female who now identifies as a boy, is one of ‘Daniel’s’ children, as is 13-year-old ‘Josh,’ a biological male who now identifies as a girl. And who could forget ‘Shirley’ Austin, the biological father in this whole mess who reports describe as being a “tall and blond and smiley” woman.

“The whole family is in transition,” ‘Shirley’ is quoted as saying, noting that “her husband Daniel” realized that ‘he’ was actually a ‘man’ after giving birth to the couple’s two children, both of whom became chips off the old block after following in their parents’ footsteps with their own gender alterations.

Daniel Harrott and Shirley Austin are sexual abusers who’ve committed egregious crimes against their own children

If this all seems utterly confusing and devoid of reason, that’s because it is – but it gets a whole lot worse. In explaining why the couple’s children ended up becoming transgenders along with their parents, ‘Daniel’ told local news media that it all started with their son’s childlike desire to join a girls’ organization when he was very young.

“Just last year, Joshua wanted to join Girl Scouts – despite being raised a boy,” ‘Daniel’ says. “I finally looked it up, and I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re trans, and I know it’s true – because I am, too, and it’s been my whole life.'”

In other words, this child’s innocent desire to join the Girl Scouts – which could have simply been because he liked their cookies! – led ‘Daniel’ to superimpose his own mental illness on the poor boy in order to convince him that he’s actually a girl.

This led to the last child making the same declaration about her own gender change – because who wants to be left out? Now all four of them are parading around their mental illness as a badge of honor, and Child Protective Services (CPS) has yet to intervene.

Why should they, you might be asking? Because subjecting innocent children who are still nearly babies to gender indoctrination for the purpose of convincing them that they belong to the opposite sex represents an egregious form of child abuse. In truth, it’s actually sexual abuse, which makes Daniel Harrott and Shirley Austin sexual abusers.

If this was the other way around and these same parents were attempting to convert their transgender children back to normal children, they would likely be accused of “transphobia” and end up publicly shamed. But because these little ones are choosing to go the Michelle Obama route, the Leftist media is regarding their parents as heroes, even though the American College of Pediatrics (ACP) says otherwise.

“Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait,” says the ACP. “The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.” (Related: The transgender programming of children is child abuse, warns the American College of Pediatricians.)

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