Bill Nye exposed as a genocidal anti-science lunatic who seems to want human civilization exterminated, reveals new science video

What’s truly amazing about all the hype surrounding man-made climate change and the supposed evils of carbon dioxide, which we’re all told is “warming” the planet, is that this popular viewpoint couldn’t be further from the truth. Elementary science has definitively proven that carbon dioxide is what our planet needs to thrive, yet anti-science propagandists like Bill Nye are pushing the narrative that it’s evil and needs to be stopped from being released, which would effectively kill off all life on the planet and leave it a barren wasteland.

Not just Nye, but Neil deGrasse Tyson, Al Gore, and even Barack Obama all apparently believe this anti-CO2 myth – or at least it’s what they perpetuate in their push for more global carbon taxes and other forms of authoritarian control that, at their very core, embody an anti-human agenda. Climate change hysteria in general is about population reduction, after all, though identifying this sinister agenda often requires reading between the lines of what’s being said by “environmentalists” and “scientists” who demand conformity to their views.

In a groundbreaking new video posted to YouTube put together by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, it is revealed how carbon dioxide, contrary to popular belief, is actually a “miracle molecule” that is absolutely necessary to sustain life. Not only human life but both plant and animal life are reliant upon CO2 for their persistence, despite all the lies being spread in the mainstream media about how we need to fight CO2 at all costs.

“If you eliminate carbon dioxide, you murder humanity, and you murder the planet,” Adams explains in his latest Health Ranger Science video, which is also posted to Vimeo. “Carbon dioxide is the molecule of life that every plant needs to live, and if you eliminate it, you kill everything.” (RELATED: More on the myths surrounding man-made climate change and its hidden agenda is available at

Government data show that Earth has a CO2 shortage; CO2 levels 15 times higher in the past

Perhaps you can recall what you probably learned in grade school about the importance of CO2 for photosynthesis. Plants require CO2 — which our bodies release as we breathe in oxygen — in order to grow and produce food. Without CO2, in other words, the entire food chain would collapse and humanity would starve, which is why the rhetoric being peddled by the likes of Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson is both foolish and dangerous – especially since government data shows that the planet is currently suffering through a CO2 shortage, as atmospheric levels of CO2 in the past were as much as 15 times higher than they are today.

The more that mankind attempts to tamper with the normal atmospheric levels of CO2, or any other gas for that matter, the more at risk we all are of going extinct. It’s no laughing matter that climate fanatics are hijacking both institutions of higher learning and the government to peddle their chicanery, because much of the next generation is being raised on this propaganda, to the demise of us all.

“You see, the climate change alarmists are not just scientifically wrong, and often scientifically illiterate – they are insane,” warns Adams in his Health Ranger Science video. “If they get their way, they will murder all life on our planet, except microbial life which can survive without CO2. But every plant will be dead. Every animal will be dead. The entire food supply will collapse. Without CO2, humanity would die from mass starvation. It would be the complete collapse of civilization. And there is no rational scientist who could disagree with any of these statements because CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis.”

You can learn more about the “War on Carbon” here.


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