If you believe in transgenderism (spontaneous genetic transmutation), you don’t believe in REAL SCIENCE at all

It’s beyond hilarious: Those marching for “science” in Washington are so steeped in the fake science of man-made climate change that they’ve now fallen for the wildly fake “science” of transgenderism.

You can’t believe in biological transgenderism and science at the same time. The two ideas are mutually exclusive. (But that doesn’t stop Bill Nye from holding both contradictory thoughts in his head at the same time, curiously.)

If you believe in real science, you have to believe in the genetic reality that gender expression in humans is binary. The human species, in other words, is a “sexually dimorphic” species. Note that the term doesn’t say “polymorphic species.” That’s because “dimorphic” means TWO expressions of sex, not the ludicrous 30+ now believed by the anti-science lunatic Left, which now subscribes to magical thinking about gender and sex expression (among other topics, see below).

Breitbart.com said it best in this article about 5 scientific facts the “science march” refuses to acknowledge:

There Are Only Two Genders

This fact is particularly popular amongst people who question the “science march’s” commitment to, well, science.

The idea that there are only two genders, male or female, and that you have to be born either one or the other is a basic truth acknowledged by most people. Biologically, it is irrefutable: humans are a sexually dimorphic species. The only exceptions are the tiny minority of intersex people, who in very rare cases are born with chromosomal types that do not align with regular male-female patterns.

That’s the only exception. If you are not intersex, you are a man or a woman. You certainly aren’t one of Facebook’s 58 gender options, which extend to “lesboflexible,” “agender” and “pansexual.”

Will the Science March organizers acknowledge this inconvenient truth? They certainly haven’t done so yet. And given that feminists bullied them out of using the word “female,” it may be a long time coming.

Science march organizers refuse to even use the term “female” because they’ve all been intimidated by the lunatic Left into magical thinking (which is the opposite of science)

Think about it: The organizers of the science march can no longer even refer to the female members of a dimorphic species as “female.” This term is apparently too offensive and rigid for the lunatic anti-science Left which now believes that all science is, literally, whatever they want it to be at the moment. Darwin would be aghast.

No wonder the climate change hoax is so convincing to the voodoo science kooks on the Left: Social conformity, not scientific evidence, has now become the driving force of the Left’s supposed “science.” (Related: Follow more news on rational science at Rational.news.)

When the Left uses the hashtag #ScienceIsReal, they also mean that biological men can magically transform into women merely by uttering the words, “I am now a woman.” In other words, #ScienceIsReal is rooted in the sheer lunacy of what I have long dubbed the magical belief in “spontaneous genetic transmutation.” This is the belief — now widely held among scientifically illiterate Leftists — that biological men who declare themselves to be women will need tampons, experience menstruation and might even become pregnant. Wow. What’s next? Are they going to argue the Earth is flat, too? Is the geometry of the planet now going to be whatever you “feel” it should be at the moment?

The whacky belief in spontaneous genetic transmutation is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg on the anti-science Left which also believes in spontaneous racial transmutation (one woman is 100% Caucasian, but now she “self-identifies” as being African-American) and other ridiculous anti-science nonsense rooted in magical thinking.

Where is Richard Dawkins when you really need him to explain the basics of genetics to the loony Left, by the way? Is the politically-motivated “science” of the Left now so disconnected from reality that the popular science mob is going to willfully throw out the entire knowledge base of genetics? What will they replace it with? Double helix MAGIC and something like “quantum DNA” that coexists in infinite parallel universes, each of which belongs to one gender located somewhere between zero and one? I can’t wait to find out how they attempt to reconcile the lunatic Left’s beliefs in transgenderism with genetic reality. I wouldn’t be surprised if schools begin to ban genetics sections of science textbooks in order to comply with the “religious science fundamentalism” the Left is now peddling under the vacuous banner of “science.”

Scientifically illiterate Leftists also think CARBON is bad… even when they are made of carbon and nearly everything they eat is made of carbon

Here’s where it gets truly hilarious. While scientifically illiterate Leftists have declared war on carbon (yes, the element carbon) in the form of “carbon taxes” and the “war on carbon,” they apparently have no idea whatsoever that they are all made of carbon.

Nearly everything vegans eat at every meal is made of carbon. Yes, that celery is made of carbon. Practically every molecule in the fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds you consume is also made of carbon … except for inorganic compounds like sodium chloride, of course, which is an ionic crystal requiring no carbon. (If you don’t understand the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry, don’t worry… the Left doesn’t either!)

Yes, Leftists are too scientifically illiterate to know that vitamin C is made of carbon. There are actually six carbons in every molecule of vitamin C, come to think of it. Here’s the molecular structure of vitamin C. If you can’t count the carbon elements in this diagram, you are too scientifically illiterate to comment on anything related to science: (typical lunatic Leftist comment on this diagram, “Where is the carbon? It’s not labeled ANYWHERE!”)

Apparently, the “science” lessons in universities today have totally neglected to teach students that humans are carbon-based life forms. Instead, they have all these ignorant, conformist, crybully snowflake students thinking that carbon is evil and must somehow be eradicated from a planet where every living organism we know of is made of carbon. (Or maybe if you’re an idiotic Left-wing science activist, you might believe in the existence of Salt monsters, but no rational person believes there are living Salt monsters roaming the planet.)

I’m willing to bet you that 99% of the morons marching for “science” can’t even count the number of double bonds in the molecule shown above. And they wonder if vitamin C has something to do with Santa Claus because there are so many “HO HO HO” references in the structural map.

A band of morons marching for “science” only serves to entertain real scientists

Look, let me lay it out straight for you: A mob of anti-science morons marching in the name of “science” does not make them scientists. It just makes them hilariously stupid and a source of incredible entertainment to those of us who are actual practicing scientists. Bill Nye is not a real scientist, by the way… he’s a TV actor playing a scientist.

If you’re wondering whether I’m a real scientist, my next science paper is being published in the next 2-3 weeks in a mainstream peer-reviewed science journal. If you want to check out my own science credentials, here’s a link to one of my patented scientific discoveries which eliminates dangerous radionuclides from the human digestive tract. Here’s a link to my ISO-accredited analytical laboratory, and here’s a link to one of the analytical methods I developed for the quantitation of cannabinoids using Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometry. Also, check out my new Health Ranger Science podcast site, which features podcasts and articles specific to the topic of REAL science.

And yes, I’m also made of carbon, which must be why the idiotic Left can’t stand my rationality and reason. My realization in all this is that you can’t fix stupid, but you can make sure they don’t win elections by voting against their stupidity at every opportunity.


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