TED Talks parody video exposes the total bulls##t of TED-fabricated “thought leaders” who spew pseudoknowledge pretending to be “big ideas”

TED Talks famously issued a dictatorial order in 2013 that banned all presentations critical of GMOs or promoting “food as medicine.” TED also banned a brilliant talk by Graham Hancock entitled “The War on Consciousness,” which sought to inform humanity of how governments, institutions and even “medical science” deliberately isolated humans from ethnobotanical solutions for expanded consciousness, compassion and wisdom.

It wasn’t long before TED Talks became a form of “intellectual totalitarianism” that actively worked to CENSOR the best ideas worth sharing.

Over time, many of us who promote expanded human consciousness and real solutions for a better world came to realize that TED wasn’t about “big ideas” for humanity, but rather about brainwashing small minds with big propaganda to keep humanity enslaved, entertained and trapped in a false paradigm of smug pseudoknowledge.

Pseudoknowledge is what people end up with when they think they’ve learned some astonishing grand truth from a TED Talk, not realizing they were simply lab rats in a scripted social experiment that mesmerized them with visually-enhanced gobbledygook.

Pushing itself as an organization that promotes human knowledge and “big ideas” for humanity, TED is actually a bulls##t brigade that follows a shallow, formulaic, staged “fake authority” script to project groupthink onto gullible people who are easily dazzled by statistics, charts and crowd conformity. (Why do you think the talks are filmed in front of live audiences when they could just as easily be filmed in a studio? The whole point is to get the online viewing public to obediently conform to the reaction of the live audience, who applaud on cue.) TED Talks seem really amazing to people who aren’t critical thinkers, it turns out. That makes them especially popular among today’s hyper-tech-savvy youth who truly believe all the world’s problems could be solved if only enough people would go along with the consensus du jour of the day.

To showcase the scripted, “fake science” formula behind every TED Talk, CBC Radio and the Kelly & Kelly group put together this brilliant parody video that mocks the TED Talks formula and exposes the fakery behind it all. As Waking Times explains:

Throughout modern media, mainstream news and television, well-groomed presenters, who are really actors, are trained to use language, pause, inflection, volume, suspense, drama, and emotion instruct you how to receive a message. This is rehearsed and perfected so-that you only see the final confident and authoritative performance.

Watch the TED Talks parody video here and see for yourself how shallow and FAKE all those TED Talks really are:


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